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Semaphore Corporation
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Address correction
Address matching
Address parsing
Address scrubbing
Address standardization
Address validation
Carrier routes
CASS™ certification
CASS software
Census blocks + tracts
Delivery point validation
Delivery point verification
Duplicate detection
Delivery statistics
Enhanced line of travel
Forwarding addresses
Gender tagging
Latitudes + longitudes
Mail drop detection
Mailing labels
Name parsing
PAVE™ software
Postal bulk mail
Postal presort
Postal Service™ data
Record linking
Residence vs. business
Residential delivery index
Vacancy detection
ZIP® codes
ZIP + 4® codes

Jan 1982 Semaphore Corporation is founded in Santa Cruz county
Oct 1989 Our postal software and USPS® databases ship
Aug 1991 ZP4 version 7 is certified by the new USPS CASS department
Oct 1992 Street spelling correction ships with ZP4 version 10
Oct 1993 PowerPC compatibility is confirmed for ZP4 version 12
Apr 1994 Address validation software for Windows ships
Dec 1995 goes online
Oct 1996 ZP4 ships bimonthly instead of quarterly
Jun 1997 LACS, county, and Congress codes appear in the ZP4 database
May 1998 The first and only free FASTforward system is offered
Mar 1999 FASTforward source code is released
Feb 2000 ZIPMOVE is included with ZP4
Dec 2001 We are the first vendor to certify for and ship DPV
Dec 2002 RDI support is included with ZP4 version 49
Jun 2003 Free NCOALink software is offered
Aug 2003 Semaphore Corporation moves to Santa Barbara county
Aug 2004 Semaphore Corporation moves to San Luis Obispo county
Jun 2005 LACSLink ships
Oct 2006 ZP4 ships monthly instead of bimonthly
May 2007 We are the first vendor to certify for and ship DirectDPV
Oct 2008 Four-state barcodes ship
Sep 2009 Semaphore Corporation moves to Monterey county
Mar 2010 40x faster Geo format ships
May 2011 SuiteLink grows from 16 million to 21 million records
Apr 2012 Online ZP4 version 2 ships
Jun 2013 All ZP4 databases ship together on one DVD-ROM
Jul 2014 Compression is used in the online ZP4 protocol
Nov 2015 Online ZP4 uses triple gateways for redundancy
Jun 2016 ZP4 finishes migrating from discs to online services
(For a more detailed chronology, request ZP4's documentation.)
Semaphore Corporation is a non-exclusive licensee of the United States Postal Service®. The prices of Semaphore Corporation services are not established, controlled or approved by the Postal Service. The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service: CASS, DirectDPV, DPV, eLOT, FASTforward, LACSLink, NCOALink, PAVE, RDI, SuiteLink, ZIP, ZIP + 4, Postal Service, USPS, and United States Postal Service. [DA#4.07]