ZP4 charges for input/output

ZP4 processing currently costs $1 for 1,750,000 bytes (characters) of input/output. ZP4 users that choose the UDP protocol as described below consume an average of 175 bytes (that includes sending and receiving) per address correction, as calculated 8/31/17 from the most recent 380 million addresses processed. That means $1 is usually sufficient for 10,000 address corrections. The rate is the same regardless of how many addresses you process:
You pay You receive Average corrections
$1 1.75 megabytes of input/output 10,000 addresses
$10 17.5 megabytes of input/output 100,000 addresses
$100 175 megabytes of input/output 1,000,000 addresses
ZP4 servers accept a variety of requests, such as an address correction request, a request for an account's current balance, a request to log in or out, and so on. Here are the average bytes sent and received for the most common transactions:
Request Average bytes
per request
Start program 53
Get nearest Tiger line 52
+4 lookup 68
Get Geo record 184
(most common request)
Get city-ZIP record 186
Get account statistics 367
Login 501

All requests can send and receive different numbers of bytes to and from ZP4 servers. For example, you might send address correction transactions requesting only a latitude and longitude as output, or you might request many dozens of available output fields. ZP4 uses compression to minimize the number of bytes per transaction.

For each $1 you pay, 1,750,000 bytes are added to the input/output balance for your account. As you perform requests, the count of bytes sent and received are deducted from your account's balance.

While using ZP4, detailed reports are available indicating your actual input/output consumption. Once your account's balance reaches zero, your account will be locked out of further address processing transactions until more funds are supplied to increase your account's balance. Account locking may be slightly delayed if you're processing data faster than servers can reconcile your account.

Need unlimited processing?

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UDP (faster, cheaper) vs. TCP (slower, more expensive)

ZP4's login procedure lets you select between using TCP or UDP protocols to connect to ZP4 servers. All TCP transactions are converted to UDP for actual processing. TCP therefore consumes your account's input/output balance twice as fast as UDP, but TCP is more likely to be enabled on your network. Using UDP is faster and cheaper than TCP, but your network may be configured to block or deprioritize UDP. Your network administrator can confirm your network's TCP and UDP policies.
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