SuiteLink is a Postal Service™-maintained database of business addressing information allowing ZP4 to automatically correct incomplete business addresses by adding known secondary (suite) information.

       Before processing   After processing
       -----------------   --------------------
           test corp       Test Corp
           10 main         10 N Main St Ste 201
           nipomo          Nipomo CA 93444-1234
ZP4 is able to automatically determine the secondary (suite) information for a company address, if the company is listed in the SuiteLink database. As of May 2011, 21 million records are included in SuiteLink.

LACSLink®, SuiteLink and DPV® are required to determine the proper CASS ZIP + 4 code for an address.

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Semaphore Corporation is a non-exclusive SuiteLink Interface and Data Distributor of the Postal Service. SuiteLink data may not be used outside of the United States. Use of SuiteLink is strictly limited to improving business delivery addresses in multi-occupation buildings for use on letters, flats, postcards, packages, leaflets, magazines, advertisements, books and other printed material, and any other item that will be delivered by the Postal Service. The prices of Semaphore Corporation services are not established, controlled or approved by the Postal Service. The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service®: LACSLink, SuiteLink, Postal Service, and United States Postal Service. [DA#1.07]